Visit our bakery at the Jan Evertsenstraat 31

Our roots

For almost three years we’ve been making juicy dark-crusted sourdough loaves in Amsterdam. Maarten started the journey at Restaurant De Kas as restaurant baker. After word spread, requests from other chefs came and Maarten started baking for other restaurants as well. In 1,5 years, he outgrew the kitchen and rented a humble production space, which we are now bursting out of after another year and a half. Now we are ready for our own space where we can reach our full potential—a space where we can grow while making all of our signature breads, pastries, and croissants. We are ready to reinvent the neighbourhood bakery and create the workspace we’ve dreamed about for many years.



Where we’ve learned

Places have always inspired us. We got our schooling all over the world from organic farms where we learned about seasonal vegetables to small artisanal bakeries where we developed skills by doing internships. Going somewhere new opens you up completely. All is new and this makes you so aware, so present, that you soak up as much as possible. When creating recipes, we like to do the same. Traveling to a place with our minds-eye and capturing it in smell, texture, and flavour. Now dream with us about a space that we will create with your help. A place for the neighbourhood, a place for Amsterdam where we can create beautiful and tasty loaves, croissants, and pastries. But also, a place where we can share the knowledge and craft that has been taught to us.

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