Visit our bakery at the Jan Evertsenstraat 31

About us

At Fort Negen we believe in making the humble neighbourhood bakery better in every way. Sourcing local organic ingredients, sharing the craft of fermentation, and using a new baking schedule in order to create the best baked goods available. We do this by letting go of standardization and submitting to nature. Trusting our senses and working with our hands brings out the best in our humble ingredients. We are driven by flavour and texture.



We work alongside farmers and believe in an open and short food chain of local organic ingredients. Our farmers produce the tastiest and healthiest crops by analysing and feeding the soil and ecosystem around the farm. Due to the changing seasons our product range changes too. We don’t compromise on ingredients as it’s the only way to come to the pure products we love to make and eat.



We want to share the original craft of baking from grain to finished product in an open space where you can taste the results. The process is elementary and intuitive. We let go of standardization in order to submit to nature and the everchanging elements. We’ve learned to develop and trust our senses because every day our surroundings and ingredients are different. Working with our hands and the humblest of ingredients, we facilitate wild fermentation of organic ingredients.



We are driven by flavour and texture, emphasizing our ever-changing organic ingredients. All is made, baked, and sold in the same space during the day. This means that you’ll get the freshest sourdough bread and pastries possible made from local grains. As with our bread, our pastries are rustic in appearance. The flavours of the grains and fruits are the most important. The sweeteners do not play the main role, they are only there to emphasize the flavors of the other ingredients.


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